Real Estate Video Progress Resembles March Madness

March 14, 2007

We’ve posted a number of real estate video interviews over the past 24 hours in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  I wont have time to post summaries of the video interviews here in the blog until I get to Panama later this week. You can see the new English language real estate video interviews at http://vidlisting.com/interviews.asp (switch languages to see the others). We also have more than 100 real estate videos of various properties in Brazil and other places still to process.  At the same time, we are working feverishly to post our pending video interviews.  No idle time here with our small team.

In all, this has been a busy month. We are on track to have over 50,000 real estate videos watched this month for the first time and more than 100,000 page views this month also for the first time (I’ll estimate approx. 120,000 total page views in all). Page views are not a key metric but, all else being equal, does indicate growth in that 1/3 more pages are being viewed over last month with  only 2 fewer days and the video metric means that we are getting about 350-400 more real estate videos watched on a  daily basis than in February.  

We expect to see more growth as we continue our push into Central America and the US. Thanks for joining us on the ride.


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