NAR Announces Agreement With ACOBIR Allowing REALTORs to Sell Properties In Panama

March 22, 2007

Yesterday, Bob Goldberg, Senior Vice President for Marketing at NAR announced an agreement with ACOBIR, the Panamanian Association of Real Estate Agents and Promoters, in which U.S.-based REALTORs will be able to represent properties offered by ACOBIR members in Panama to buyers in the United States. The agreement is the first of its kind with NAR and ensures that commissions will be paid to REALTORs that participate in the program.

Click to Watch NAR’s Announcement

The program has a modest fee but has a host of other benefits that Mr. Goldberg outlines in the above UNEDITED 10 minute video taken of the announcement made during the Panama Spectacular 2007 program. Some of the benefits include prioritized immigration & customs clearance into Panama, cell phone service, special discounts and freebies, and an personalized assistance program known as Prima Panama.

We’ll be editing and optimizing the audio in the next few days. As background, we have previously interviewed the President of ACOBIR, Ivan Carlucci, in English and Spanish. Bob is very enthusiastic about the program and you’ll be hearing official anouncements about it directly from NAR.


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