Real Estate Virtual Slideshows Now Possible In WordPress

March 23, 2007

WordPress just announced a way to create slideshows of photos within WordPress. Per the link, you can add music and everything.  Seems ideal for those like the virtual real estate tours from photos – any thoughts about the companies that have formed around making such slideshow tours if it is as easy as they make it sound.


Check it out.  Thoughts?


  1. I just tested out all of their styles and looked through their music selection. This was obviously designed for the myspace crowd. I couldn’t find one piece of music that would make a good backdrop for the sale of a home and the presentation styles themselves are way overdone. It’s great for some party photos though.

  2. Jeff: Thanks for the test drive. Stringing together photos into a motion slideshow isn’t technically difficult to automate. I wont be surprised any more evolutions of this type of tool in the coming months.


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