Does Anyone Actually Use The Chat Plugin On Their Real Estate Blog?

April 7, 2007

I’ve been noticing these live chat plugins occupying more and more valuable space on real estate blogs. I’ve noticed that very few people are actually in an “online” status with them.  So I did a little experiment – I visited most of the major real estate blogs at least 5-6 times per day across most of last week (look in your weblogs for an IP address that starts with 200.75. from outside of the US) . 

No one had their chat plugins set to “online” at all. Not once in a 1.5 weeks.  Despite quite a few daily visits at various times of the day and night,  comments and sometimes blog posts were sometimes made during times that I was on these real estate blogs but no one had their chat plug-ins engaged. Not one person.  There has been at least one blog redesign that included a migration of the chat plugin that is always….set…to…”offline”.  Hmmm….. 

So, Mr. Obvious might ask, “why have chat plug-ins on your real estate site or blog at all if they aren’t enabled?”


UPDATE: no sooner did I hit “publish”, I went to the RSSPieces.com blog and they were not only set to “online” but also briefly chatted with me.

One comment

  1. The only real esate industry site I’ve ever noticed chatting going on is Sellsius Blog.

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