1. Nice blog!

  2. Powerful thinking process on the limitations of the blog construct… in fact, I find your articles so interesting, I’m doing two things – looking for the ubiquitous delicious bookmark and also an “About Us” section with your bios… I don’t find them, so please add them to your blog 😉

  3. Pat

    I’ve added some social bookmarking chicklets to this post. As for “About Us”, we aren’t too big on self promotion so it just had not been a priority. We’ve been trying to let our content speak for us to this point. But you have a valid point.

    I’m traveling today so assuming the connectivity is as good in our next hotel as this one, we’ll get something up in the next few days.


  4. could this be blogging 3.0? If it is, I coined the phrase. lol
    I have come to realize that the information needs to be presented at a very basic level. Those of us that blog, and read blogs, have a good understanding of how they work, and how to navigate them, but speaking with people that aren’t so familiar, the terms RSS, feed, hyperlocal, and the many others, means nothing. I like where you’re going with this, and think it makes sense. Best of luck – and don’t forget, dibs of blogging 3.0.

  5. Great information. I am in the process of creating my own personal/business blog – the tips you provide here will certainly help establish my blog into a well organized one. Thanks

  6. I too find your information intriguing just as many other people do. As someone who works with websites fairly often and someone who has dealt with Boca Raton Real Estate, I can tell you that what you have here is simply amazing. This is going to be the first of many visits to your blog my friend.

  7. This is very interesting information and I have to agree with others who have posted….very forward thinking. I do believe though that an individual searching for Boca Raton Real Estate can still find relevant information from blogs, especially if they are blogs belonging to residents of said community. This is a lot to consider however when it comes to content and images.

  8. […] in order to be able to suggest content to that visitor. We’ve written before being able to change what the user sees with real estate content. In order to present the right things for the visitor to see, you have to be able to guess the […]

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