Real Estate Video Interview From Panama With Lincoln Garcia, Coldwell Banker Panama

April 30, 2007

NOTE:  Since posting this particular real estate view interview, La Prensa  reports that PanCanalView does NOT have approved construction permits from the Government of Panama. We found out about it from the Prima Panama blog  (http://primapanama.blogs.com/_panama_residential_devel/2007/05/new_law_starts_.html#more).  The video interview will be put on hold until we find out more information.

Most of our real estate video interviews are done indoors or in some interesting outdoor setting within a hotel or development.  Our video interview with Lincoln Garcia of Coldwell Banker Panama was much different as it was done outside at night on a hilltop overlooking the eighth wonder of the world – the Panama Canal – which made an incredible setting for a real estate video interview.

Click To Watch Lincoln’s Video Interview In English

During this English language real estate video interview, Lincoln shares with us his plans for a new 40 story luxury highrise in Panama on the very site where we conducted the interview.  The project called “Pan Canal View” and has canal views, ocean views, jungle views, and city views all from the  same property.  Lincoln also discusses his views on the Panama real estate market and how he views it moving forward.

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