Professional Real Estate Video Services To Be Available In Panama And Costa Rica In June 2007

May 5, 2007

We are pleased to announce that we will be opening a local office in Central America that will provide dedicated real estate video services to Panama and Costa Rica in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

Local branding decisions have not yet been finalized but the office will likely be branded as part of BienesRaicesVideo.com . We are involved in the startup logistics of finding office space, etc. as well as interviewing bilingual interviewers and videographers in the coming weeks. We plan to have this office operational beginning in June 2007.

We’ll provide the following services out of the Central American office:

Marketing of Properties: Providing co-branded and private label real estate video marketing services to real estate agents, developers, and other organizations in Panama and Costa Rica. A single reasonable flat rate price for residential properties will include filming, editing, post production, professional narration in English/Spanish/Portuguese, conversion to online formats, and linking to various websites.

Local Content: Developing local content in multiple languages about living, financing, taxes, and related topics in video, audio, and other formats of interest to real estate buyers and other interested parties

Real Estate Trade Show Preparation: Developing custom video marketing materials in multiple languages for participants in international real estate trade shows. 

Private Viewings: Providing a private on-demand “see your property” online video service to buyers interested in viewing specific properties anywhere in Central America before they travel to the region. Potential buyers and current owners can send a video team at a reasonable price to videotape any specific property to which they can provide legal authorization to enter.  This is an ideal service for potential buyers, absentee owners, or those that need video documentation for insurance purposes, to prevent squatters, etc. Note: on demand videos would be password protected and only be viewable by the buyer.

Geolocation: We’ll be working to have the best available data for geolocation of properties and important features within the Republic of Panama and Costa Rica.



  1. please keep me on your mail list
    i work the azuero and santa fe areas of veraguas

  2. Michael
    Will do. We’ll be out that way from the 8th until the 10th of June shooting some property videos. Let’s meet up in Santiago if you have the time…

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