Exclusive Agreement Reached With ACOBIR (Panamanian Association Of Real Estate Agents)

May 10, 2007

Also available in español.

Exclusive Real Estate Video Agreement Reached

The ForSaleByLocals team is pleased to announce that one of their associated Spanish language real estate video sites, BienesRaicesVideo.com (means “real estate video” in Spanish) has been named as the exclusive real estate video provider for the Panamanian Association of Real Estate Agents and Promoters (ACOBIR). As such, the bienesraicesvideo.com team will be the exclusive provider of online real estate property videos for ACOBIR in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and provide a wide range of additional video and other online multimedia content services for ACOBIR members as a benefit of their membership. This agreement will help to continue to grow the incredibly hot second home and retirement property market in Panama. A formal press release with this announcement is forthcoming.

Videos To Be Part of a Unique NAR-ACOBIR Real Estate Portal

This agreement is not limited to discounts for ACOBIR members on property videos. An important additional benefit of this relationship will be that ACOBIR members will be able to include their videos as part of property listings in an on-line real estate portal authorized under agreement with the U.S. National Association of REALTORS (NAR) and available to NAR’s 1.4 million participating members in the United States. ACOBIR is currently the only international association that has this special relationship with NAR which includes a number of travel benefits, a cross-commission agreement for both ACOBIR and NAR members, and access for NAR members to the PRIMA portal.

About BienesRaicesVideo.com

BienesRaicesVideo.com was established in November 2006 and is part of the ForSaleByLocals (FSBL) network of real estate video websites that provide co-branded and private label online real estate video services and infrastructure in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. BienesRaicesVideo.com is specifically chartered to produce locally focused multimedia content throughout Latin America and Spanish speaking areas of the United States for local and international consumption. They have filmed or produced under license hundreds of real estate property videos since inception and drive dozens of thousands of video views of real estate properties to the FSBL community of websites.

The bienesraicesvideo.com local office in Panama will open in early June 2007 to serve the ACOBIR membership. However, a number of properties represented by ACOBIR members have already been filmed under this agreement. BienesraicesVideo.com can be reached by email at panama@bienesraicesvideo.com, by telephone locally in Panama at 507-6-436-1591, in the US (360-362-1032) or at their main offices in South America (email: sales@bienesraicesvideo.com or phone: 591-3-341-6064).


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