1. I was very challenged by your rhetorical style of questioning. Thanks for the questions, I’m now curious to watch the answers.

  2. It will be very interesting how this all plays out. Little indicators of the future are everywhere…I needed a few days to put the post together after some fits and starts. After posting this last night, I’m seeing that I’m not the only one that sees the future playing out this way – the read/write weblog says that vertical search is dead as a result of google generalizing all vertical searches for example…

    If you think about your property search form as a mini vertical search engine, what does that mean for us as vertical content consumers?

  3. Aggregating data is seemingly simple; the creation and display of content is something that can not (yet) be done or replicated by software.

  4. […] the tools used to display that local content and data will not be. Forsalebylocals notes the value of local content, coincidentally on the same day that I received a heads-up about a new data mashup startup, Fortius […]

  5. […] Sale By Locals: A New Real Estate Approach Online Real Estate Services With A Difference « Content Is King…And Content Creation Is The Key To Real Estate Technology Survival The Syndication Market Shrinks Further: Feedburner Sold To Google May 23rd, 2007 Here is […]

  6. […] of the reason that we have not invested heavily in a Flash video player is that we have believed for a long time that the player is the most easily commoditized part of real estate video […]

  7. […] Kind of Web 2.0 and kind of different.  We’ve said before that there is a lot more to real estate video than a shiny flash video […]

  8. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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