WordPress Releases Their Flash Video Player

May 31, 2007

Here is the link to the WordPress blog announcement: http://wordpress.com/blog/2007/05/26/video/

Great move especially with the size of their user base. It’s a paid premium feature for the moment – I’d be very surprised if it continues to be premium for a long time but even at a reasonable price point, people will use it…and use it for real estate video.

Part of the reason that we have not invested heavily in a Flash video player is that we have believed for a long time that the player is the most easily commoditized part of real estate video technology. Clearly, it wasn’t the message that people wanted to hear. I see the WordPress release as another big step in the movement towards the commodized flash player.  Perhaps WordPress’ actions will make it more apparent.  I think it is great move – making something a commodity when you are one of the larger players isn’t a bad thing.  Even as a premium service, wordpress will likely set the pricing bar for all of the verticals- that is not the position that we want to be in as a company….especially a small one.

All that said, we’ve had our own flash player in beta for some time but the difference is that our player is required to meet a very specific business purpose in the upcoming weeks. We’ll just stay focused on the basics: building an engaged audience, developing unique real estate video content in multiple languages, and focusing on solving the bigger technical “gotchas” on the back end of any web based service such as ours. 



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  2. […] What are the keys to the changes that we’ll announce here? Geolocation, personalization, portability, and syndication.  Kind of Web 2.0 and kind of different.  We’ve said before that there is a lot more to real estate video than a shiny flash video player. […]

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