Real Estate Video Podcast #3 Posted From Aranjuez, Spain

June 2, 2007

Real estate video podcast #3 from Spain is now posted…we took a short ride from the SIMA 2007 exhibition to the town of Aranjuez which is the place where Spanish royals went to vacation.  It’s about 40 minutes outside the city of Madrid.

Click to Watch Video Podcast #3

In this english language video podcast filmed yesterday courtesy of http://vidlisting.com, we visit some picturesque places around the Aranjuez area including among other things the Park of the Prince (Parque de Principe) and the royal family vacation house (Casa Real).  We also take a few minutes to talk about about the real estate market in Spain.

It’s just an informal and “quickly edited on a laptop” look at some of the places around Madrid. Once we get back and have dedicated high speed internet access, we’ll post them to iTunes and other sites. Enjoy!

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