Heading Back From Spain Today

June 6, 2007

The best part is that it will still be today when we land thanks to time zone changes. Here are some unfiltered thoughts about SIMA and Spain:

– Spain is a wonderful country… I would live here in an instant.

– Real estate in Spain is not cheap…the currency exchange makes it even more expensive. Small one bedroom apartments run about 650,000 US dollars even 40 minutes from Madrid. 

– Spanish real estate investors are increasingly viewing US and Latin American properties as bargains, particularly as prices rise in areas of Spain with historically low prices. 

– The SIMA 2007 Madrid show is exceptionally well run and there are large numbers of exhibitors from seemingly every country in the world (we even filmed a real estate interview with folks from the country of Andorra)

– SIMA will have a group of almost 70 international exhibitors at the NAR convention in Las Vegas during the month of November

– we accomplished all of our goals for the show. We have a number of new business opportunities, filmed some real estate video interviews, posted 8 informal video podcasts in english and spanish while here (we have a bunch more podcast video to post),  filmed several properties, and generally had a great time. 

Our next stop is opening the office in Panama…

See you back in the US time zones!

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