Profitability Goals For June Met Solely on Real Estate Video Revenues

June 28, 2007

http://vidlisting.com , http://bienesraicesvideo.com (spanish), and http://imoveisvideo.com (portuguese) as well as the entire ForSaleByLocals network of websites is pleased to announce that we have met our profitability goals for the month of June 2007. We have been close for some time.

In short, income directly related to real estate video for June will exceed total costs. This includes indirect non-real estate video related costs such as travel, administrative costs such as advertising, and spinning up a new office in Panama – we are only counting the revenues for production and hosting real estate video as well as providing narration for real estate video in alternative languages. 

This was a huge accomplishment for us and the entire team deserves credit. It also marks a key inflection point in establishing and proving a sustainable business model.


  1. Well done.

  2. thanks jim. It has been quite the hectic month, but we were determined to make it this month. In january 2007, we made it a priority to be break even by June 2007. Next month looks safely break even as well from what we can tell.

    Our next major financial goal is to have infrastructure income exceed total costs by the end of the year. That will require a LOT of solid execution.

  3. The Obeo virtual tour website gets 4.2 million page views daily. We are listed in the NAR vetrical metrix.
    We are operating in the US and Canada. We are the the experts in buyer behavior.

  4. Obeoman – thats nice and I have said before that I would expect no less from a company that has been online since before 1999. Your company is an established player – so it surprises me a bit why with numbers like that you would feel the need to continually bombard small blogs like mine with the same repeated statements.

    Comparing an established industry to a fledging industry isnt comparing apples to apples..its just making fruit salad. Example: buggies outnumbered cars for many years after the introduction of the automobile. The numbers were not even comparable. It wasnt until someone found a way make the price of cars reachable with an acceptable quality level that the automobile industry really took off.

    Care to share some data that might be more pertinent like how many daily pageviews you had at the 7 month point, the percentage of your pageviews that are actually virtual tours being watched, or the rate at which your traffic is currently growing? Those might be a far more interesting comparisons…

  5. Obeoman-

    I hate so sound like a newbie, but what is “the NAR vertical matrix”?


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