Beta Real Estate Video Widget For Use On WordPress.com Blogs

June 30, 2007

We’ve just added a very simple implementation of a real estate video widget specifically for wordpress.com blogs. It’s a tiny part of the changes that we will be bringing to the market in coming weeks. We’ve put a sample of this video widget over on the right hand sidebar of our full time blog at https://forsalebylocals.wordpress.com/. We also have an example of the Spanish language widget on our Spanish language blog at http://casacomprar.wordpress.com

You can find the code to paste here: http://activerain.com/blogsview/136003/Cut-and-Paste-Code

This particular widget displays the latest 3 real estate property videos from Panama. As we add more videos next week, the newest videos will automagically display. Note that US REALTORS can get referral fees under a new program between ACOBIR (the Panama real estate association) and the US National Association of REALTORS (NAR).

We can also provide the same type of video widget that is filtered by language for a particular REALTOR, broker, agency, local real estate association, or even geolocated down to a neighborhood level. The video can even use our own infrastructure and be played within your own domain using a very simple cut and paste approach.

Although this particular real estate video widget will work on other types of sites, it is specifically designed to work within the technical limitations of wordpress.com blogs. We will have a more feature filled video widget for other sites in the coming weeks.

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