June 2007 Results For Our Real Estate Video Websites

July 4, 2007

June 2007 was a good month for us.  The numbers are validating our approach and also the changes that we are working to implement.  Here are the important numbers:

Overall Metrics

– Overall site traffic in June increased by 47% from May 2007

– Unique IPs in June increased 103%  from May 2007

– Real estate video views grew by 23%  from May 2007

Video Analysis

June 2007 marks the last month of an insular real estate video infrastructure. We expect to see a bigger jump in real estate videos views next month with the extension of our video infrastructure to other sites.  For instance, we already have 61% more video views in the first three days of July than we had in the first three days of June and we have only been beta testing on a few sites.

We also went over 500,000 total real estate videos watched in early June 2007. Not bad for 7 months…

Breakdown by Language

                              English              Spanish             Portuguese 

June 2007 

All pages                18%                      57%                      24%

Videos                    26%                       53%                      20%

May 2007

All pages                27%                      48%                      24%

Videos                    32%                       44%                      24%

Language Analysis

Spanish: I’m not surprised by the high amount of Spanish language traffic given our current content mix on http://vidlisting.com.  We also had a very successful trip to Spain which likely accounts for some of the 10% rise in Spanish percentages. This language percentage will remain high as we work through our inital corporate betas with primarily spanish language portals.

Portuguese: We posted very little new portuguese content in June which is something that we need to fix moving forward – clearly the numbers above show that our portuguese audience checked in to see what was new, didnt find much, and left without watching videos.

English: We were focusing on business development in June rather than developing a lot of english language content such as interviews.  Although overall english language numbers were still sizable for the month in terms of raw numbers, we are executing against a plan to attract a larger english language audience mix- announcements coming soon as we can make them. We are also expecting to see dramatic shifts upwards in the english language percentages once we begin to post US properties.   

See you next month…


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