ACOBIR Implements BienesRaicesVideo.com Real Estate Video Infrastructure For Panama

July 5, 2007

We are pleased to announce that ACOBIR (the Panama Association of Real Estate Agents and Promoters)  is the first announced beta partner to implement the BienesRaicesVideo.com real estate video infrastructure.  The implementation brings a significant real estate video capability to the ACOBIR website without any of the traditional bandwidth or management problems.

The implementation consists of three elements:

A self updating real estate video bar on the home page of http://acobir.com.  Even though the site is in spanish, you’ll see the bar near the bottom of the home page. This element retains the look and feel of the overall page, is entirely geolocated without the need for Google maps, and is implemented with one line of HTML code. All video listings are managed by the bienesraicesvideo.com servers.  ACOBIR will be able to use their system of listing IDs.  UPDATED: We know that we have some work to do on this bar tomorrow with Firefox and likely Safari.  Fixed on both – tested on 5 browsers.

A full size real estate video player page in multiple languages that retains the overall look and feel of the ACOBIR website.  Again, the visible content of the entire page is implemented with a single line of HTML code. You’ll see this page when you click on the video bar on the ACOBIR home page.  All content and bandwidth for the videos is provided by bienesraicesvideo.com servers.

A video bar for the listing detail page: This functionality is not yet fully implemented due to some requirements on ACOBIR’s part.  But each listing will have the range of languages in which a given video is available.  This also is a one line implementation of HTML code that can easily be dynamically generated. The bar will look like the following on each detail page that has videos available: (nothing will appear on listings without videos)

ACOBIR members will be able to film properties themselves or contact the bienesraicesvideo.com office in Panama City for complete video services.  Congratulations to ACOBIR for implementing a fully functional video infrastructure that requires minimal administration and is managed externally while providing benefits to ACOBIR members and visitors to the ACOBIR web domain.  We have a number of other partner sites as we can now literally extend a subset of our videos to other websites with just a single line of HTML code.


  1. I am a member of NAR and would like to put my listing for sale for Pacific Sky in Panama City. How do I go about this?

    Please inform.

    Thanks you,

    Adrienne Rogatz

  2. Great technology

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