Launching Four New Real Estate Video Websites Focused 100% on Property Videos

July 14, 2007

We’ve said before that our data shows that prospective buyers actually like to watch property videos.  Now, its time to put our money where our mouth is.

We already have three real estate video websites with property videos, real estate video interviews, and video podcasts mixed together.  These sites are http://vidlisting.com (English), http://bienesraicesvideo.com (Spanish), and http://imoveisvideo.com (Portuguese).

By Tuesday of next week, we’ll be able to start leveraging our contextual real estate video infrastructure to launch four new real estate video sites that will be focused 100% on real estate property tours.  Prospective buyers will be able to focus on searching for and finding properties without having to be distracted by real estate video interviews,  neighborhood drivethroughs, podcasts, or attempts at viral real estate videos.  They’ll find an aggregated set of property videos for sale that were filmed/narrated by us or made available via corporate partners that they can watch online  or download to their computer, iPod, iPhone, AppleTV, or other device.

Here is how the new sites will be focused:

– One real estate video site will be in English and focused on US and international properties (the split between the two will be more obvious as will the differences in properties that we film and that we license and do not film)

– A second site in English will focus 100% on property tours in the United States (no international properties will be available)

– A spanish language site (http://inmueblevideo.com) and a portuguese language site (http://emvenda.com – which means “for sale” in portuguese) that will also focus on U.S. prioritized property tours with an obvious split between US, European, and other international properties. Neither of these sites are online yet.

We build our sites on top of our own ForSaleByLocals infrastructure. The changes that will make these sites possible are a key next step in laying the foundation for distribution and integration of property tours. Our plan is that real estate videos from partner property tour sites throughout the world can leverage our distribution model and can be searchable along with our own property tour offerings on these four websites.  Expect to start seeing links to the English language sites coming online in beta status on Tuesday or so.



  1. Wishing you guys well, and congrats on the new launches!

  2. Thanks Christian.

    Actually, it’s less of a new launch than a way to tie together some recent changes in our business and provide a better environment for upcoming beta releases of functionality.

    Warmest regards


  3. I have been editing my websites in FrontPage and considering changing my websites to WordPress. To say the least I am very impressed with what you have created and will be checking back to get somemore pointers.

    Good luck and I think you have a great idea

    Pat Odor Broker with All USA Realty serving Florida at 877-869-5967

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