TheMoveChannel.com Partners With ForSaleByLocals And Vidlisting.com

July 19, 2007

***NOTE: After almost a year of working closely with the management and staff of The Move Channel (part of On The Move, Ltd.) in the UK on software development, video, and SEO projects, we can no longer recommend them in good conscience to our readers as a trusted real estate partner based on our experience with them. (18 May 2008)***

(This post also available in español)

–Original post removed–


  1. Congrats on the new partnership!

  2. thanks, Jim. You are the best…

  3. […] Be The Smart Broker: Use Real Estate Videos To Showcase U.S. Bargains To Investors With Euros Llavetex.com & BienesRaicesVideo.com Partner To Distribute Property Videos From The Americas TheMoveChannel.com In The U.K. Partners With ForSaleByLocals And Vidlisting.com […]

  4. The website allows for a greater reach for the real estate investor especially since the market in America seems “tough” to the average person, this is the best time to invest. There seems to be quite a good amount of properties and the integration of video podcasts allows for a much wider reach. Overall quite nice.

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