Facebook-Enabled Real Estate Video Site Launches

July 24, 2007

Today, we took the wraps off of a beta Facebook-enabled real estate video site, http://property-tour.com

“Facebook-enabled?”, you might be thinking.  Well, rather than the traditional method of going to Facebook, and adding an application, we have taken the track of having our site externally interact with the facebook APIs to build a set of property tour favorites.  (*gasp – Did I really use “traditional” and “Facebook” in the same sentence? – time to start spending less time at the keyboard 😛 ) 

The site lets you identify a set of video property tours, click the Facebook icon, select your facorite videos, and move them to a Facebook app where you can not only see them but also watch the videos from within Facebook.  The intent is to have a proof of concept that consumer oriented real estate video distribution can occur without copying and pasting….you just need the right supporting video infrastructure that will make distribution work for you rather than making you work to distribute your videos.

To try the functionality (you must be a facebook user):

– Go to http://property-tour.com

– click on any of the facebook icons under any of the videos

– Log into Facebook (it is verifiably the facebook.com site)

– when the app returns you to our site, you’ll see the facebook icons replaced with checkboxes

– select any number of videos using the checkboxes

– press the large “save your tours to Facebook” button

– follow the instructions once you return to Facebook

– you’ll see your videos available on facebook and can even play them from facebook

There is still some work to be done (watching other people’s favorite real estate videos from their profile, for instance) but that work will be going on this week. Spanish and Portuguese language versions are also forthcoming. In the near future, we also hope to aggregate more property tours from other companies as well. 

The funny part is that our facebook app was written entirely in classic ASP for which there is almost no documentation with respect to the Facebook API.  It would have only taken a few hours rather than the 24 hours that it ended up taking if the Facebook documentation had been a bit more clear.

We are really excites about what the future holds.  Let us know what you think of the Property-Tour.com site and feel free to add me as a Facebook friend: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=709766886 


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