Locale Specific Contextual Real Estate Websites Start To Go Live This Upcoming Week

July 29, 2007

We’ve been holding off on this announcement as we’ve been focused on other priorities.  However, we are now at the point of having sufficient locale specific content to launch a number of the associated beta websites for that content in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  Time to get this functionality live and in our users’ hands.

These initial 15 or so real estate website launches will demonstrate the power of the real estate content management web engine that we have built for quickly developing microsites with contextually relevant information (something that we talked about LONG before it was popular).   The content on these sites will include real estate video, property tours, articles, listings, and other information specific to the locale in question. These will also be another channel to quickly sydicate real estate videos to a set of visitors looking for specific types of information. We’ll post the URLs here as the sites go live. 

BTW, http://property-tour.com (english language real estate video site sorted by country),  http://inmueblevideo.com (roughly translated as “property video” in spanish), and http://emvenda.com (“for sale” in portuguese) are live now…Facebook seems to have made a change in their API since we launched the sites launch so we still have some work to do with the Facebook integration.


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