Llavetex.com & BienesRaicesVideo.com Partner To Distribute Property Videos From The Americas

August 8, 2007

The Spanish real estate portal, http://llavetex.com and our spanish real estate video provider, http://bienesraicesvideo.com have struck a deal to distribute and highlight real estate videos from the Americas to European buyers and investors. The relationship will also include a video content deal for filming properties in Spain and other parts of Europe.  

About Llavetex.com

Llavetex.com is the real estate portal for one of the larger banks in Spain (Caja Murcia) and also has a formal affiliation with hundreds of agents and brokerages throughout Spain.  The affiliated agents and brokerages provide listings and other content for the real estate web portal. We look forward to working with them.

What does this mean for sellers in the United States, Panama, and other locations in the Americas? 

The data shows that people don’t go to video sites to look for properties…they go to real estate sites. Llavetex.com is a well respected real estate portal in Spain. Keeping this in mind, every property video filmed before 1 October 2007 by any forsalebylocals service provider will also be distributed at no additional cost to one of the larger real estate web portals in Spain and widely used by investors throughout Europe.

What Do I Have To Do?

There is no easier way to distribute your property videos. We take care of the details for you.  Our standard video listing package includes videos professionally narrated in English, Spanish, and Portuguese – you’ll get instant front page exposure for your property listing from investors that have a strong currency in the Euro. Prices for investment properties are high in Europe and many European investors view properties in the Americas as bargains right now. In many cases, these investors are cash buyers and are interested in properties throughout the US and Latin America.

Where Are The Video Services Available?

Contact me at tony@vidlisting.com if you would like to participate in this special program.  We now are able to film properties in Florida, North Carolina, Atlanta, Virginia, NYC, San Diego, Los Angeles, Spain, Italy, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.  Videos in any of these areas will be automatically included in the distribution to llavetex.com.  We can make arrangements to film in other areas as well just let us know.



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