Be The Smart Broker: Use Real Estate Videos To Showcase U.S. Bargains To Investors With Euros

August 10, 2007

Just a few years ago,  89 cents would buy a Euro. Europe not only went through the same housing boom that the US experienced but strengthened their currency relative to the dollar.  The difference? As of today, just over $1.36 will buy a Euro.  So, to use really simple math, Europeans that bought a home for 100,000 Euros a few years ago paid US$89,000.  If they sell that property today for 200,000 euros, they will gross just over $272,000 of value. Of course, finding a home close to anything for only 200k euros in the UK or Spain is near impossible…but also a different issue.

So, there is a entire group of investors that now are looking to the Americas for investments. Our standard property video package has narration in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  French and some other languages are coming soon.  We have reasonable tiered pricing for real estate videos of US properties and are closing distribution agreements for U.S. property videos with major real estate portals in Europe where prospective buyers actually look for such investments.

Won’t everyone think that you are the smart broker or agent when you have them showing up to look at your listings…


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