Campinas, Brazil: The City Of Wonders

August 14, 2007

Please welcome our in-house expert on Brazil, Ms. Lila de Mendez, as our guest today. This is her first post on the English language blog…we’ll be seeing much more of her as we head into Brazil’s season for Real Estate Fairs.


The post is available in Español and Português

Campinas, Brazil: The City Of Wonders

Campinas is a beautiful and cosmopolitan city within 90 minutes of the capital of Sao Paulo, and offers an excellent quality of life.  The area has a tropical weather and a variety of options to live .  Modern technology is clearly infiltrating the city in different sectors. This helps residents feel as though they are in Sao Paulo. Although Campinas is not too close, the feeling is as if you were living in a great metropolis, with first line services to both citizens and occasional tourists.

Campinas has approximately 1 million citizens  according to the 2006 census, (http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campinas ), but has a low level of pollution, thanks to its flat and elevated topography. The municipality is surrounded by large highways such as the Bandeirantes, Anhanguera, Dom Pedro I, Santos Dumont for example…

A third of the industrial production of Sao Paulo originates in this city and the movement towards industry has replaced even high technology in certain services and logistic enterprises.

It would be unforgivable not to mention the shopping centers of Campinas. Two great shopping centers and a variety of services complement the metropolis figures next to the well sized Viracopos International Airport.

Campinas is also well known around the world because of its Ophthalmologic Center which is relevant and important thanks to its world class research and high technology integration; the Olhos Penido Burnier Institute (www.penidoburnier.com.br) along with other well known institutions of higher education that supplement standard university education.

The city has become a draw for real estate investment because of the combination of favorable factors which allow one to live in a city with all the comfort of the capital, but with less of risk of danger and insecurity that is often associated with cities.  The key to Campinas is how it optimizes the quality of life tht you can have. It is the intersection of three items: Beauty, Progress and Tranquility.  These three elements are what keep people coming to this attractive city.

There is a local real estate union or network. This network is known as the “Red Inmobiliaria de Campinas” http://www.redeimobiliariacampinas.com.br  (or “the real estate network of Campinas” in English).  It is accredited by the local real estate association, SECOVI (http://www.secovi.com.br).  We love how this new concept of cooperative work by 26 well known real estate companies is changing the local market.  The network offers the best opportunity for local and foreign investors alike to have knowledge of the Campinas market conditions and offerings..

Our Portuguese language Web sites, http://imovei.com (Brazil real estate information site) and http://www.imoveisvideo.com (real estate video site in Portuguese)  are working to become a local leader in information about the investment in Brazil and the local real estate markets there. Much of this information is passed onto http://vidlisting.com and other english language websites within the ForSalebyLocals network. We can help you understand the real estate investment environment in and around Campinas. If you need more information or have questions, please comment below or let us know directly via email.


Thanks, Lila and welcome to our blog.



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  3. Great article. I lived in Campinas and appreciate its beauty. I believe that the title of the article shouls be “The City of Wonders.” E uma cidade maravilhosa. Lea

  4. Lea: transcription error on my part. Sorry….and fixed.

  5. I ahve been to Campinas several times and going again this Christmas /New Year 2010 . I love the Campui district ,the shopping malls and Tacarall park.Sadly crime is creeping up there but it is not out of hand.
    I would like to live there one day if I am lucky .
    All the best and Happy new year for 2011

  6. Nice post.

    Dan Statlander
    (Real estate experts in Boca Raton Florida)

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