Real Estate Video Interviews

August 22, 2007

As I like to say, “the best results come from experimentation with different inputs.”  We have not posted any informative real estate video interviews since early June.  We wanted to see if visitors would continue to visit if property videos were the only new content on the site and pushed back on some of our lower quality video providers.  In short, we took a risk…

The results? Not only did the visitors come but they came in droves…60,000 videos watched in the month of June, 75,000 in July and we are on track for having 90,000 videos watched for the month of August 2007. Each month brought a new record (we only surpassed 500,000 all-time videos watched in early June).  Property videos have been watched at a rate of more than three times the real estate video interviews on our network of sites since we started the site nine months ago.  That tells us that we are building a community of buyers rather than having people just stop by to be entertained.

We feel like we have proved our point so it’s now time to catch up on our previously filmed real estate video interviews/podcasts and provide selective interviews in the future.  We’ll start posting these real estate video interviews again over the next few days in English, Spanish, and Portuguese (as always). 

We’ve also just about to add more full time editing and other post production staff.  We’ll announce why shortly.


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