REALTOR Association of Greater Miami and the Beaches (RAMB) Exclusively Partners With Vidlisting.com

August 30, 2007

The REALTOR Association of Greater Miami and the Beaches (RAMB) has chosen http://vidlisting.com as RAMB’s exclusive provider of online real estate property video services.  This exclusive relationship includes special pricing on property video production services to RAMB members, online real estate video infrastructure extended to RAMB’s official website (http://miamire.com) for videos of properties for sale or rent by RAMB members, and discounted pricing on real estate video training opportunities for members of RAMB.  A formal press release will follow.

Residential and commercial property videos produced for or uploaded by RAMB members will not only be available on the RAMB website and Vidlisting.com family of language specific websites but will also be distributed across a number of highly trafficked, well known real estate portals. This distribution is part of several pre-negotiated agreements by vidlisting.com with popular real estate sites in the United States, Spain, United Kingdom, and other places where interest in U.S. real estate investment is high and currencies remain strong.  Using the vidlisting.com infrastructure, RAMB members can have thier property videos instantly distributed to these portals worldwide without any further action or uploading required. RAMB members will also be able to place their videos on their own website or RAMB provided blog.

This RAMB-Vidlisting.com agreement is ideal given Miami’s international culture and desirability as an international investment destination. Vidlisting.com offers a full range of real estate video packages and all packages include professional narration in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Vidlisting’s exclusive online video infrastructure allows video that is larger (640 pixels wide), starts immediately, and has no pauses or buffering while playing in almost all cases. The vidlisting.com family of video sites are on track to have over 90,000 real estate videos watched this month alone.

Vidlisting.com already has a video team operating in South Florida and I will be traveling there next week. Our intent is to have a local office established in the Miami area in the near future.  In the interim, if you are interested in finding out more about the new agreement or have questions/comments, please contact me directly at tony@vidlisting.com.

A special thanks to the RAMB leadership (especially Teresa and Deborah) for having the vision to move forward with a new technology offering to their members. 



  1. Hmmmmn, since nothing else is working, maybe videos will entice a few buyers….

    South Florida Housing Bubble

  2. […] RAMB’s exclusive online video provider, we’ll be explaining a bit about real estate video, how to easily market in the face of […]

  3. […] blog – I’m sure that many more will follow. The widgets were provided by us as part of our exclusive real estate video contract with RAMB and link back to a completely brand player page on RAMB’s miamire.com domain. The link to the […]

  4. Good morning.
    My name is Claudio and I am a Real Estate broker in Brazil. I have a client who wants to buy a house or a condo im the Greater Miami area. He is a well known doctor and he can pay cash. would you kindly contact me ASAP.

    Thank you.

    Prof. Claude Maia

  5. Claude

    I’ve forwarded your contact information to one of the best agents in Miami, Ines, with whom we have had a long standing business relationship.

    We think that she is the best and soon you will too 🙂 She will be contacting you shortly.


  6. Buenos días,después de la visita a esta nuestra tierra Tenerife-Canarias y ver lo interesados que estan en este lugar,me gustaria contactar con ustedes para pasarles infirmación urgente de unas propiedades..que puedan estar adecuadas a su interes.mis telefonos son: 628754510/647205329/922813384.
    correo electrónico: lupemarrero@hotmail.com. gracias .

  7. Buenos días, después de la visita a esta nuestra tierra, Tenerife-Canarias y ver que estan interesados en este lugar, me gustaria contactar con ustedes para pasarles infirmación urgente .. de unas propiedades que puedan estar adecuadas a su interes.mis telefonos: 628754510/647205329/922813384.
    correo electrónico:lupemarrero@hotmail.com. gracias

  8. Great concept, since nothing else is working, videos will entice buyers. Lest time on the road, more views.


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