Two More Real Estate Portals Activate Their Vidlisting.com Video Infrastructure

September 1, 2007

August has been a busy month for us both on the business side and the technology side.

Two more real estate portals have activated their real estate videos using the Vidlisting.com real estate video infrastructure within the past 2 days. 

http://llavetex.com in Spain which features vidlisting.com videos from the Americas right on their home page. Llavetex is a well trafficked portal sponsored by one of Spain’s larger banks, Caja Murcia. They have a great interest in promoting international properties to the Spanish market given the current strength of the Euro. Basically, U.S. and other properties in the Americas are available at deep discount to them.

http://buycolombiarealty.com in Colombia which is a leading English language real estate information portal for the country. Colombians are always interested in international real estate opportunities so they will be displaying property videos from markets of interest.  Also, the Colombian real estate market is beginning to heat up and we’ll be providing property videos in English, Spanish, and Portuguese of opportunities in the Colombian market for international investors.    They have a dedicated page for watching property videos from Colombia and other areas.

The key point here is prospective buyers generally go to real estate sites to look for properties and not necessarily video sites like YouTube. http://vidlisting.com syndicates your property videos to real estate portals where prospective buyers congregate (the number of portals grows each week). Property videos filmed by Vidlisting.com or uploaded to the Vidlisting.com site for processing will be instantly distributed to these sites. No additional video uploading or “cutting and pasting” is required.

More announcements about portal agreements are coming…



  1. Is there any data to show that video tours actually sell houses? I am skeptical. The sellers are impressed by videos and virtual tours, but I believe that the purpose of an ad is to incite curiousity, and not show every facet or detail of the house.

  2. Kermit

    We have had several directly attributable sales made internationally and many more indirectly attributable from leads generated. We even have a American couple that had never traveled outside the US, dont speak Spanish, and certainly never considered buying property in South America before watching various narrated property videos – they’re selling their house and coming back for a second very serious look at a property that they are interested in.

    Actually, our data shows that prospective buyers are far more interested in the tours than sellers are. We are developing some thinking about how prospective buyers have different information needs than those not buying.

    Skeptism is great…keeps everyone honest. Thanks for stopping by….

  3. Video tours is a natural progression from still photos and traditional virtual tours. I think what will come next is even more interactive functionality embedded with a given video tour. This is great stuff and it will only get better.

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