Next Stop: Bringing Real Estate Video To Two Major International Real Estate Fairs

September 19, 2007

The end of September will be crazy for us.  Not only are we participating in a number of conferences and meetings in the U.S., but we also have simultaneous participation in two major international real estate fairs.  We’ll be involved in the SECOVI real estate fair in Sao Paolo, Brazil (Salao Imobiliario Sao Paulo – SISP) and the FEXPOCRUZ fair in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  This is the first time that we’ve had employees and video teams deployed to simultaneous real estate fairs.

FEXPOCRUZ 2007: We launched our non-video content sites at last year’s FEXPOCRUZ show.  The visitor participation was amazing last year and our stand was very successful.  FEXPOCRUZ (sometimes called EXPOCRUZ for some reason) is a 10 day fair and an average of 50,000 people attend every day making roughly 500,000 visitors in total. It is packed almost every day by an very international crowd with exhibitors and visitors from the U.S., all over Central and South America, Europe, and Asia. Many countries have rented entire pavillions for thier exhibitors. For instance, we will once again be located in the Brasil Pavillion, but there is a U.S. pavillion (sponsored by the US Commercial Service which also has approved this event for U.S. particpation), Argentina, and many others.

The event is so large and so well attended that I’ve heard that one quarter of the female population of Santa Cruz will be working at the fair as azafatas (also known as trade show models in English). 

Salao Imobiliario Sao Paulo – SISP: This will be our first year participating in the SISP real estate fair sponsored by SECOVI in Brazil.  SECOVI is one of the two real estate associations in one of the world’s largest cities, Sao Paulo.  We are really working hard to expand our business regularly into Brazil. We think that this show will be a very important piece in continuing to open this huge market.


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  1. This is great.

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