MarketingUrbano.com Exclusively Partners With Vidlisting.com For Real Estate Video

October 12, 2007

Agreement With MarketingUrbano.com 

We are pleased to announce a video content production agreement with MarketingUrbano.com and it’s parent organization, Marketing Urbano.  Marketing Urbano is a federation of international real estate brokerages with member offices located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia; Miami Florida; Orlando, FL, and Los Angeles, CA.  The organization serves as a marketing and promotional organization to highlight properties for sale by its members using both online and traditional mechanisms.

What The Agreement Entails

This revenue producing agreement involves production of property videos in English, Spanish, and Portuguese for the benefit of its members in both Bolivia and the United States.  The organization’s website, http://marketingurbano.com will also use the vidlisting.com real estate video infrastructure to host and manage their members’ collective video content. This agreement also includes cross-marketing opportunities for both organizations at various international real estate fairs and conferences.

About Vidlisting.com

Vidlisting.com is emerging as the premier real estate video platform providing an innovative real estate video infrastructure for agents, brokers, and real estate organizations. The Vidlisting distribution system places online property videos in front of likely prospective buyers looking for properties on real estate portals, agent/broker websites, and with various real estate companies and organizations. 

Vidlisting.com is the exclusive real estate video provider for the REALTOR Associations of Greater Miami (RAMB) and the Republic of Panama (ACOBIR).  We have a built in audience that watched over 90,000 real estate videos in August 2007 with almost 80% of these being property videos.

Marketing Urbano is one of a growing number of real estate organizations that has decided to partner with Vidlisting.com for property video production and video distribution requirements.  If real estate video is in your future and you need a fully branded way to manage real estate videos within your own domain and with your look and feel, then we might be the solution for you and your organization as well.


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  1. […] October 19th, 2007 Marketing Urbano, our newest real estate rich listing content partner, has begun working with us to film property videos in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Prices in Santa Cruz, Bolivia had been relatively […]

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