Scoble Discovers “International” – Apparently Soon To Apply It To Video

October 13, 2007

What a marvelous concept – using videos to leverage a hungry international audience.

Taken from http://scobleizer.com/2007/10/12/blog-business-opportunity-overseas-blog-networks/:

What does this all mean for PodTech? Well, obviously we’re watching this too and we’ll be reacting to these changes in the conversation space with our own strategies. More coming soon.” 

Seems like Robert has  finally come around to expanding his audience.  I like Robert…in fact, we proposed doing international versions of his shows in Spanish and Portuguese about a year or so ago (passed me off to some bizdev guy that was clearly not interested). In the interim, we have put up 600 or so videos narrated in English, Spanish, and Portuguese over at http://vidlisting.com. We even developed a method for syndicating videos in volume to other domains while retaining each site’s look and feel, figured out a way for organizations to easily manage real estate video content (again within their own domain), and have finished testing of 1024 pixel wide video capable video infrastructure without pauses or buffering. We even managed to become profitable after only 7 months…

hmm…perhaps the merging of the US and international spaces is a smart business idea after all.  So, Scoble does not need to be the only one coming around to using video to grow a larger audience or customer base…particularly in the real estate space where it just works so well.

The world keeps getting flatter ever day and international currencies continue to get stronger. Perhaps it’s time to leverage a bit of that hungry international audience yourself.


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