Real Estate Video News From Around The World #1

October 14, 2007

There is a lot more going on in the real estate video than just what we are doing over at http://vidlisting.com. Here is a sampling of recent news throughout the space.

Phoenix Real Estate Guy Starts Weekly Real Estate Video Series:
Nice idea for a series.  Hopefully, we’ll see this series go on for some time.  We have submissions, how do we play?

WellcomeMat To Charge For Premium Features and a 10% Surcharge Over Cost Of Video:
At last, they are  attempting to describe their business model.

Vidlisting Compares Pricing To Other Competitors:
A response to the idea that all pricing models in real estate video are created equal.

RexNet.tv Makes Headway With Members Of The Hampton Roads REALTOR Association:
Looks like RexNet.tv has started their big push and is being quiet about it.
Link: http://www.ethanmarten.com/2007/10/09/becoming-videoactive/

Royal LePage Posts Video Series on Home Buying:
This news comes from 604homes.com and link to the videos is included

Have real estate video news?  Let us know, just send email to tony@vidlisting.com


  1. “We have submissions, how do we play?”

    Email me… jay AT PhoenixRealEstateGuy DOT com

  2. […] came across this post – <b>Real Estate</b> Video News From Around The World #1 – and thought it was worth sharing. I hope you find it interesting too and take the time to read […]

  3. Tony! How can we keep it quiet when we get a mention from you? Now the entire World knows about us. Shsh! What are you trying to do — help us in becoming a great success?! All the Best, Ethan

  4. Ethan: I’m keeping my mouth shut now but only because I like you guys so much.



  5. Phew! Thanks Tony. Hey, whatever you do — don’t tell anyone about Tom Royce’s blog:

    “New Advancements in Internet Video From RexNet –
    Smith’s Landing at Virginia Tech”


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