The Vidlisting.com Real Estate Video Value Proposition

October 18, 2007

The value proposition of http://Vidlisting.com is simple and clear.

1) Your property video will have the combined SEO strength of many other real estate websites and portals: We don’t make you fight for a percentage of the SEO keyword pie…we give you the keys to a bakery with lots of “pies” in he form of real estate portals. For instance, your property video filmed by Vidlisting.com is statistically likely to get multiples of the number of searches for keywords such as “property  video” or “real estate video” in a given month for ay location. Depending on where you are, you may get more views per month than are searched for using whatever your local keywords for [CITY] [STATE] [REAL ESTATE] are. In most cases, you’ll see both short tail and long tail results. Our distribution system puts your videos in places where prospective buyers are…often, these distribution agreements are exclusive to Vidlisting generated property video content.

Note that we aren’t talking about some vague statistics involving the entire internet, statistics about video site that not only potentially puts your video next to some guy getting a pie in the face &  might only net 5-15 video views in a month, or even some rare single exceptionally viral video that hundreds of thousands of people watch just to be entertained.  We also are not even talking about interview or conference videos that have been posted on some A-List real estate blogger’s site on which most average people will never have a chance to post a video or even have a link.  We are talking about views to *your* posted property video. That is what should matter from a value perspective to you and your organization, right? Nothing more and nothing less.

2)  The Overall Cost For A Video Can Be Less Expensive Than Google Ads On A Cost Per Click Basis :  When you contract for a vidlisting.com video and use the distribution features to U.S., you’ll be able to easily calculate your cost as a function of the flat rate price divided by number of video views.  This currently works out to about $0.30 per video view including filming and marketing in just the first month and since our pricing is flat rate, drops significantly after that (normally under $0.10 per view)…This is incrediblycompetitive with the price of Google pay-per-click advertising campaigns in some markets and less expensive than Google ads in many major metropolitan areas.  And remember, that you’ll have a rich media video listing to show…not just a text link.

3) You’ll keep the value of your brand: In almost all cases, you’ll find almost no competing branding on our video player. In fact, most users of real estate sites using our video distribution technology have no idea that our company is even involved because our video player and associated content delivery maintains the look and feel of your website and plays under your own domain.

4) You’ll be able to leverage the strength of Vidlisting’s growing worldwide online and offline video cross-marketing agreements: Of course, you’ll have custom widgets to market your property video where and when you want to. But, Vidlisting won’t just leave you to your own marketing devices like many cut and paste video solutions will. This is especially true for making your property video available to international audiences. Your property video will be available to diverse audiences in a comfortable language for them via U.S./international online video distribution agreements and localized partner websites. We can also help with other optionally available offline marketing channels such as including your video in widely broadcast international real estate television programming and effective representation through cross marketing agreements for display at large trade shows/real estate fairs.

5) You’ll partner with a vendor focused on managing and distributing volume video content to meet the business needs of real estate organizations: Some sites offer a dedicated video channel on their website for the management of video content. A video “channel” for content on someone else’s branded website and domain name may work well for general consumer oriented video content but not for organizations interested in managing their video content within their own domain. We dont believe in channels as much as we believe in the power of your brand and your site’s look & feel – that’s where customers should be accessing your video content.  A channel on a vendor website simply isnt the best solution for real estate organizations and brokers/agents managing more than 1 or 2 videos or that have invested in establishing their personal or organizational brand. The most basic implementation of our real estate video content management system can take as little as 20 minutes for those with direct access to their website source code. Even with our most basic implementation, you remain in full control of your organization’s video content, public branding, external video distribution, and intellectual property.

6) What is premium for most real estate video companies is included as standard at Vidlisting: For a flat rate prices standard package, you’ll get property videos produced with professional narration in three languages and distributed without additional charge to a wide array of real estate portals. We’ve done a deeper analysis of pricing and think that we compare very favorably to our competitors’ real estate video packages.

7) Your value proposition will only get stronger in the coming months: We have signed a number of video distribution agreements that are being more deeply integrated into real estate portals than the normal integration or are in the process of being tested for production release in other portals. We are expecting a large sustained increase  in our audience as these new distribution outlets go live in production environments.  This means that your cost analysis as a function of views should drop significantly as well.

Like any other advertising medium, the value proposition around real estate video needs to be clearly stated and obvious. We don’t believe that the message is the medium (i.e. “you should buy a video because it is…umm…a video! and videos are just better!”  – we don’t think that this is a very compelling value proposition yet we consistently see it being made) .  We know that you have online choices as a consumer. Our responsibility as a real estate video vendor is clearly show our product’s value relative to others. We think that the above value proposition is unique to Vidlisting because we have growing amounts of traffic in response to the unique video distribution and marketing mechanisms that we have put in place both online and offline.  Few other marketing methods or even real estate video companies can match what we offer.

Contact us at tony@vidlisting.com if you see the value in what we can do for you.

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  5. Interesting article. I enjoyed it. : )

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  6. Linda: Thank you! It’s what we believe and the guide that we follow.


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