Marketing Urbano Starts Highlighting Properties From Bolivia Using Real Estate Video

October 19, 2007

Marketing Urbano, our newest real estate rich listing content partner, has begun working with us to film property videos in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Prices in Santa Cruz, Bolivia had been relatively stagnant for years, however, the past year has seen an incredible rise in property values in the area and the city is beginning to attract international investors.  As an example, the price per square meter of our own office space in swanky area of Equipetrol has doubled since purchasing our commercial space in the summer of 2006.

Click to Watch The Property Video In Spanish

Santa Cruz, Bolivia is just at the start of the transition to becoming an attractive alternative for international investors.  It is still a market where $60-$100,000 can still yield impressive property. Marketing Urbano is well placed to be a key part of the transition in real estate for the local market and has an impressive inventory of many higher end residential and commercial properties in Bolivia. Last night, we activated the first property video for a member of the Marketing Urbano group of real estate agencies in Spanish (English should be up within 24 hours).

This relationship has two way benefits for us as well. It has allowed us to relook at our previous content partners in Bolivia.  We had previously been working with us with content of variable quality taken from locally broadcast real estate TV programming.  We think that Marketing Urbano goes a long way to raising the quality bar for videos of properties in Bolivia. 


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