Seems Like The Real Estate Blogging Experts Are Finally Discovering Distribution and Context

October 19, 2007

Funny how it seems that the real estate blogging “cool kids” that supposedly are marketing the future in our industry are waking up to concepts such as distribution and context. From http://www.futureofrealestatemarketing.com/real-estate-20-talk-in-portland-tomorrow, the topics for a real estate 2.0 discussion include:

  • Adding Context to Data – Using Video to tell a Story
  • Syndicating Your Listings – Developing a Distribution Strategy
  • Well..at least they are using the words anyway.  If I were in Portland (or even at my home in Seattle) right now, I’d actually drive down to attend. We know a little bit about the conceptual/implementation benefits and issues around context and distribution. We have been writing/talking about and building software around these concepts for almost 18 months and executing against them since the start of the year. 

    Linking Content To Context: Basic Concepts
    Deriving User Context
    Matching Real Estate Content With Context
    Real Estate Websites of the Future
    The Real Estate Video Manifesto
    Why The Real Estate Video Tour Industry Just Doesn’t Get It
    Description of the capabilities of our real estate video web engine


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