BienesRaicesVideo.com To Participate In FIABCI Congress of the Americas In Panama

October 20, 2007

Our Spanish language real estate video service provider, http://bienesraicesvideo.com (means “real estate video”), will have a booth at the FIABCI Congress of the Americas in the Republic of Panama from 30 October through 3 November.  We are also one of the sponsors of the event.

The FIABCI Congress is being hosted by the Panama Chapter of FIABCI and will have large participation from real estate organizations and luminaries from throughout the Americas. Representatives from various FIABCI chapters in Central and South America as well as Europe and the U.S. will be plentiful. We will announce several new Latin American real estate video partnerships at the event and also sponsor/host a separate cocktail party. More information about the event is available at http://fiabcipanama.com.  There are various videos about the upcoming event hosted on that site – FIABCI Panama is a real estate video partner with BienesRaicesVideo.com

If you will be attending the FIABCI Congress in Panama, please consider stopping by our booth and otherwise getting in contact with us. We have representatives that speak both English and Spanish and I will personally attend as well.


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