Gearing Up Real Estate Video Operations In Europe (U.K., Spain, Portugal, and Turkey)

October 20, 2007

We are preparing to launch new real estate video operations and partnerships across Europe in the next few weeks.  We have put revenue producing video production agreements, video teams, and sales/marketing partnerships in place in the U.K., Spain, and Turkey that will begin to yield property videos in  these areas.

The nation of Turkey is probably the most interesting and exotic area yet.  I visited Turkey in 2000 and was very impressed by the real estate available. Had I bought at the time, the investment would have paid off handsomely. 

Why certain markets and not others? The U.K., Spain, and Portugal markets are natural fits for our rich media listing products.  Up to this point, we have focused on distribution outlets for properties in the Americas rather than content generation in these areas.  However, there has been a demand for local property videos from these areas using our unique technology.  We are planning a large “private label” partnership announcement in the U.K. in early December where we will be providing extensive video infrastructure and video production services for a large real estate partner (still finishing the technical work).

Turkey has been a pleasant surprise addition to our business planning. According to various articles that I have read (including http://www.propertyshowrooms.com/turkey/property/news/article-1457.html), there are areas of Turkey that are fully 25% owned by foreign nationals.  This makes expansion into the Turkish foreign property market a reasonable move for http://vidlisting.com over the coming months.  Not to mention that doing business in Euros isn’t so bad right now given the state of the U.S. dollar.

If you are an agent, broker, or agency and are interested in either filming properties that you are representing and located in the U.K. Spain, Portugal or Turkey or simply want more information, feel free to contact me directly at tony@vidlisting.com. We are about to announce several content generation deals in these areas and will be offering special pricing via various organizations.



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