Integrating Real Estate Video Content Distribution Across Blog Networks

November 23, 2007

I was using an application the other day that allowed me to insert any image from my hard drive into the document that I was writing.  Think of this as a process involving the following chronological points: consent to adding content, search (from within a known but variable set of content choices), addition of the chosen content to my document, and consumption by users of the document.

Consent => Search => Addition => Consumption

Blogs are much like documents and real estate blog networks can be (but not limited to) groupings of like blogs by geography, common themes (commercial, luxury, etc.), or organizations such as associations, large brokerages, or agencies. So why shouldn’t such real estate blog networks have a way to define a set of variable rich media content that meets the needs of their members in terms of geography, theme, and/or organization?  The members can then consume that content for themselves, easily add it to their blog for others to consume, or generate their own rich media content (such as videos, virtual tours, etc.) that can be consumed by other members of the blog network or externally. 

Let’s begin to explore this approach a bit more….

The diagram above shows a possible relationship among a single content distribution network and two blogging networks with different content management requirements. Not shown are the filtering of content made possible by the video syndication engine nor the search mechanism that makes finding that content simple.  The model also recognizes that some blog networks may choose to implement video syndication technology for all blogs within their network or make the implementation voluntary.  The implementation includes the searchable video content library.

There are really only four simple use cases in the above model.

Use Case #1: Blogger that inserts and consumes a subset of videos available to their blogging content. Loyalty and leads can be generated from a sizable and updated library of content that may be otherwise unavailable to the blogger, not easily searchable by other means, or may leave doubts as to whether the content can be used under copyright. Rich media content from the network eliminates these issues and can be inserted directly from the blog’s toolbar without the need to cut and paste.

Use Case #2: Bloggers that generate rich media content as well as inserts and consumes a subset of videos that meet their blog networks content requirements. A key point of this use case is that the user generated content becomes available for consumption and lead generation not only within the user’s blogging network but also across other blog networks and where appropriate to external portals. It also can quickly become part of the various searchable video content libraries for different blog networks. Nothing prevents these bloggers from using traditional cut and paste videos within their blog posts as part of the content offered to their readers.

Use Case #3: Professional video content producers have a means to distribute content with a single upload.  The video syndication engine is what matches the content to the appropriate blog network’s library of available content.  This means that producers do what they do best – produce content. That content only goes to places where consent is welcome and has a high probability of being consumed.

Use Case #4: Readers of blogs now can build loyalty with individual blogs that have a wider selection of content that varies from other blogs in the network.

Hopefully, the value of this integration to organizations and bloggers in terms of consent, searchability, and ease of implementation is becoming more clear. Metadata matching can be a powerful Web 2.0 tool that helps to drive leads from content otherwise unavailable. We’ll discuss these sorts of symbiotic networks in more detail in future posts.

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