Real Estate Video Distribution: Definitions

November 25, 2007

Though we have already started on the topic of real estate video distribution in blog networks, it might make sense to put forward some definitions before we really start digging in on this topic…

Blog Network: A loosely knit grouping of bloggers that are tied by geography, organization, or interest. For our purposes, blog networks can have a set of rules and criteria around content that apply to all members of the given blog network (or none at all). Individual bloggers within the network may be able to enforce more restrictive rules on content and syndication of content.

Rich Media: Online multimedia content that has some set of characteristics that are dynamically defined.  This can be video, virtual tours, or other dynamic web content.  The rationale for using rich media can be marketing, sales, training, entertainment, or informational.

Inbound Content: From the perspective of the blog network, inbound content originates from external commercial and user generated sources.  It can be rich media disputed by syndication mechanisms or static content delivered by a feed. This content is generally available for consumption, searching, or distribution to individual blogs within a blog network.

Outbound Content: From the perspective of the blog network, outbound content is generated by members within the blog network and made generally available for distribution or syndication outside of the blog network.

Exclusive Content: This content can be inbound content made exclusively available to a given blog network. Alternatively, exclusive content can be generated by a member of a given blog network and either not distributed beyond the content creator’s blog or only made available to other members of the same blog network.  Content might be exclusive for a number of reasons. It may only be applicable to a given organization or area for instance.

We may be adding to this list as we develop our ideas…..

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