Distinctive TV: Luxury Home Marketing Meets Real Estate Video

November 29, 2007

Many of you know that Vidlisting.com has been working to develop a dedicated luxury multimedia program for properties across the U.S. and throughout the Americas.

Today, we announced the DISTINCTIVE TV luxury real estate video marketing program at a luxury home marketing training event for the REALTOR Association of Greater Miami and the Beaches (RAMB) in Miami. We’re working to develop all of the marketing materials in order to support the new program. We’ll also need to integrate this initiative into several other vidlisting.com organizational and international marketing efforts as well as finding a good fit with existing television programming. 

We also have a domain name specifically for use by the program which will highlight these distinctive properties, http://distinctive.tv/.  There isn’t anything at that domain yet but we’ll be launching the website shortly. We also plan to launch an english language television program built around the highlighted properties in the DISTINCTIVE TV luxury real estate video marketing program by the start of next year.

We have the details of the program completed.  It’s a completely different approach from the standard property video. You’ll see the difference in the visuals as well as in the narration. Best of all, we are working on a special luxury distribution package to ensure that the audience matches the exclusivity of the properties. We’re thrilled about the opportunity to bring this initiative to our customers after so many requests.


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