Pushing Beyond The Flash Video Player

November 29, 2007

Conventional thinking: Go to external video upload site. Upload video. Cut and paste. Hope for visitors. Once I have more than 1 video, manage video content on a “channel” hosted and branded by another company.

New Thinking: The real estate organization has its own real estate video upload and management capability for its employees or members. The service is branded the same as the organization with the same look and feel. It can handle a wide range of selectable rich media content for all visitors, protected content for members, and paid content such as training if required. Implementation is fast (within days) and license costs are flat-rate and reasonable. The interface and content can be made available within most major languages to help maximize the audience.

The organization’s business decision makers think about this capability as if its their own “YouTube in a Box”. No worries about hosting, storage, or connectivity costs associated with video.

When viewed, videos are large and dont pause. Content submitted by members (or vendors) can also be uploaded and converted right away with either immediate availability online or an approval step as determined by the organization. Uploaded content remain exclusive to the organization or can be shared via traditional cut and paste means and even syndicated within a blog network or other partners externally…again as determined by the organization and/or its members. Services such as narration, transcript generation, and language support can be added by members at the time of upload. In short, the organization remains 100% in control of content, distribution and branding.

News: The above system has been built and the first implementation begins next week for a major online customer. In January 2008, this system will be available for all types of organizations: brokerages, agencies, real estate portals, blog networks, etc.

Isn’t it time that we expanded our thinking about real estate video beyond just the flash video player?


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