Our Spanish Language Real Estate Blog Moves To A Team Blog Format

November 30, 2007

Our spanish language real estate blog, http://casacomprar.wordpress.com, has just moved to a team blog format.  Alicia Yabeta has grown the blog from virtually nothing to around 300 views per day with all articles in Spanish and about bienes raices (real estate).  A few days ago, she began inviting other prominent real estate professionals from throughout the US and Latin America to be part of the team. 

This change in format is an exciting development for us and marks the start of the next level in Spanish language real estate weblogging. This will also be a great way to capture trends in some important local and national markets in a language comfortable to many real estate buyers and sellers.

If you are a bilingual real estate professional in the US, Canada, or Latin America, and would like to be either a guest blogger or a frequent contributor to the casacomprar blog, please contact alicia at alicia@bienesraicesvideo.com



  1. Blogging has become something of a big thing in the last few years, and some of the biggest and best known weblogs like http://casacomprar.wordpress.com attract the kind of traffic that even big name real estate sites would be jealous of.

    Today’s websites need to allow visitors to interact with you and give feedback, and it is awesome to see that Alicia is aware of it and is taking advantage of the lack of information in Spanish when it comes to real estate.

    I talked to Alicia a couple of days ago, she is so nice, and I just can say that her blog is such an awesome source, and a great way to get to meet people that share the same interests.

    She should also try del.icio.us to make sharable lists of websites and links.

    Hopefully some other people will step up to the plate and do the same in the near future.

    Fabio Rodriguez

  2. hello

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