Making Organizational Real Estate Video A Reality

December 6, 2007

 We’re moving our real estate video functionality off of our web portal. 


 We’ve already starting receiving calls about the new categories and links over on our real estate video website (http://vidlisting.com).  Not all of them are active yet but the links themselves are already generating interest and calls. You’ll see that we are pushing forward a whole new way to think about and manage online video in an organizational context. Organizations will be able to not only upload, manage, and view video content in volume within their own domain but also syndicate and share online video content to members/employees/partners externally without uploading or further cutting and pasting.  Others are releasing video players – we remain focused on finding ways to help meet your business objectives.

What are the keys to the changes that we’ll announce here? Geolocation, personalization, portability, and syndication.  Kind of Web 2.0 and kind of different.  We’ve said before that there is a lot more to real estate video than a shiny flash video player.  Interestingly, the functionality may also be a good fit for individuals looking to upload and manage a set of video content as well. 

We are finally getting more use out of our geolocation capabilities. Our custom geolocation engine is ready to support location of video content, agents, and members in the following countries: US, Canada, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and a few others.  If there is a country that we need to add, please let us know.   You’ll see a lot more geolocation functionality in the upcoming version 2 of our web engine. 

I’ll save the personalization and portability discussion for when the functionality is live. We’ve written a bit about how organizations can benefit from syndication in a number of blog posts. We’ll be writing a white paper on the topic in the coming weeks. 

Given the response from various organizational partners, we may be onto something here. We are happy to also say that we’ll have a large online real estate portal customer launching a fairly comprehensive set of custom video content services built using many of the Vidlisting technologies before the end of the year as well (implementation is ongoing this week and next)

Our goal is to be sure that organzations can maintain the value of their brand, build on the investment already in their website,  and provide beneficial multimedia content for their members/visitors/employees.  All this while making the process quick, simple, and hassle-free for both the organization and end users of the functionality. 

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