Putting Real Estate Video Conversion Servers Briefly Online For A Limited Public Beta Test

December 7, 2007

Want to try out our our new video upload and conversion mechanism? We’ll be briefly putting a small piece of the functionality online to see what types of videos we can and cant convert (we think that we know but we’ll see).  NOTE: these are just two beta servers that will be up for a few days but may come down at any time. Your uploaded content may be deleted at any time as well.

The process is a completely automated process. The interface is just a test interface with limited options. If you upload a video, you’ll get a link in your email where you’ll be able to preview the video online using the same large video that we use.  Though videos will be live, no uploads will be publically viewable on our site other than the preview link. Since we are only making two conversion servers available, the conversion machines may be busy at times – that’s part of the reasoning behind a limited public test.   Give feedback directly to me at tony@vidlisting.com

You can see current conversion server activity here in real time.

Again, this test is designed to put a realistic load on our servers for a few days and see what video codecs are out there. To repeat, uploaded content may be deleted at any time and the servers may be up or down at any given time without warning.  I’ll try to keep the latest schedule below but it may not be up to date:

Link To The Very Basic Beta Test Video Upload Interface: http://vidlisting.com/beta/betaupload_english.asp

 A Spanish language beta version is also available at http://vidlisting.com/beta/betaupload_spanish.asp


7 December: 1am eastern:  UP / 3am: DOWN  / 4am: English UP / 4:20am Spanish UP

8 December:  UP all day

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