Real Estate Video Features And Widgets For Agents, Brokers, Portals, and Organizations

December 14, 2007

We are launching a set of new real estate video services in beta at about midday US Eastern time on Friday (labeled as Friday Beta Launch below) or over the next week (labeled as Beta Refresh).

We have a new set of beta links to send out at launch and a blog post with a complete overview of the services. Below is a brief preview of the functionality that we will be releasing.

What will individuals be able to do?

Upload and View Converted Real Estate Video Immediately When Completed: (Friday Beta Launch) Our video upload and conversion functionality allows user to see a preview version of their video as soon as the automated video processing is complete. Your video will be large and generally will not buffer or pause.

Request Additional Video Services As Part Of Your Upload: (Friday Beta Launch) Ever wanted to add professional narration or have a transcript as part of your upload process?  Now it can be as easy as clicking a checkbox on our upload form.  You can even request translated narratives into other languages which is ideal for international markets such as Florida, Texas, California, New York, etc.

Manage Videos Within A Personal Video Media Catalog: (Friday Beta Launch): Uploaded videos will be managed within a Personal Media Catalog. Some

      – Immediately Build a Single Video Widgets for use in webpages

      – Select multiple videos from within your personal video catalog and build a horizontal video bar for use within activerain or your website.

     – Select multiple videos from within the catalog and build a 120pixel wide vertical video bar for use within activerain or your website.

Have  A Portable Video Media Catalog For Use Within Your Own Website: (Beta Refresh)  Registered users will be able to maintain a personal and portable video media catalog for use within their own domains.  They’ll even be an option to have their own personal video uploader.

Build A Fully Customizable Branded Video Widget: (Beta Refresh) Users will have the option of building a fully customizable video widget with their colors and logo to match their website or blog’s look and feel.

Build Your Own Individual Video Syndication Network Or Syndicate With Vidlisting Distribution Partners: (Beta Refresh) You’ll be able to build your own video sharing network among friends, co-workers, or customers. You’ll be able to choose from a set of very easy rules that will determine who is in your network. Members can also optionally request that property videos.

Manage Language Specific Media Catalogs Linked From Your Main Video Catalog: (Will make a decision if is for Friday or the Beta Refresh) Tis feature is ideal for users in areas where there are large numbers of buyers, visitors,

What Will Organizations Or Blog Networks Be Able To Do?

(Organizational video beta requests should be directed to tony@vidlisting.com)

Maintain Individual Video Media Catalogs For Members or Employees: (Friday Beta Launch)  You’ll be able to fully integrate individual video catalogs for every one of your members, employees, partners, or bloggers right into your blog network or intranet.

Provide Organizational Video Content To All Users or Specific Groups of Users: (Friday Beta Launch) Want to have a welcome video for all users? Or videos just for mortgage brokers? or a specific video for users within a certain radius of a given city?  The Admin interface allows you to even mark the content as permanent or removable by the user.

Have a Fully Branded Organizational Video Upload Page: (Friday Beta Launch) Ever wanted your customers to be able to upload video?  You’ll be able to have your own capability to upload videos that runs within your own domain and has your own look and feel. Think of this a virtual private u-tube like service.

Dedicate Your Own Upload Real Estate Video Conversion Servers: (Friday Beta Launch) Our video server farm that does the video conversion work is completely distributed, flexible, and scalable. New server boxes can be added within minutes and dedicated to your own organization – your organization will not share conversion servers with any other organization if your business requires this type of service.

See you tomorrow at the beta launch!



  1. sounds fantastic, looking forward!!


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  3. Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

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