Adding Video Services As Part Of A Video Upload

December 19, 2007

There are few upload and conversion sites that do anything other than upload your video. How might videographers or other real estate video content producers be able to take advantage of services such as professional video narration, editing, or transcript generation if they were available as part of a video upload?

 http://vidlisting.com/ is now expanding their real estate video beta so that content producers can easily add professional narration, transcript generation, and even video editing as part of the video upload process.

Is The Beta Available Now?

You can try out the real estate video beta at http://vidlisting.com/beta/fullpropertyservices.asp. There is a small set of of menu options that makes adding video services easy.  You can even upload a video with or without services without obligation as part of the beta upload process. That said, even though the functionality is in a beta status, you can still request services to actually be performed if you really need them by simply including your telephone number in the final field of the third page of the short upload form. As always, you can watch videos being converted in near real time in our server farm at http://vidlisting.com/beta/nodeviewer.asp .

How Can I Use Video Services?

We envision two basic scenarios where people might need to add services to videos:

The first option is a user that wants to include their videos on vidlisting.com with the shiny new services. Services are grouped to maximize the marketing potential of the property for a single price (vidlisting had over 90,000 videos watched in a single month recently).

The second option is a private label service.  Unlike the first option, the final video in this case will not appear on vidlisting.com or with any of Vidlisting’s distribution partners. When the services are complete, the user receives an email with a download link to a video file and/or text file (depending on the service(s) that has been requested).

All video content is also geolocated as part of the upload process (even outside of the US) and also is immediately available for viewing if services are not requested.

How To Request Real Estate Video Services For Real Estate Videos That Will Be Part Of Vidlisting.com

It’s extremely easy to request services as part of your normal vidlisting.com upload. In the “Video Activation” section in page 1 of the upload form, you’ll select “post it online for me” and also indicate that the video is “raw footage”. You’ll receive narration in English and also get online/downloadable video versions with narration in Spanish and Portuguese as part of the service fee. You can alternatively select “Edit My Video” if you have completely raw footage to be edited.

The menu options are show below:

real estate video upload and convert menu image

How To Request Private Label Real Estate Video Services During Upload

It’s just as easy to request private label video services. The upload process i almost the same. In the “Video Activation” section in page 1 of the upload form, you’ll select “just provide download link” and also indicate that the video is “raw footage”. You’ll be presented an array of video services that can be added to your video. Again, after services are completed, the video and any requested transcripts will be returned to you by way of download link.

The menu options are show below:

real estate video upload services image

Try it out. Even if you dont request services, you’ll be able to build video widgets immediately for one video or video bars that can have up to 5 videos. If you have questions or issues, feel free to contact me directly at tony@vidlisting.com.


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