Progress Report: Almost At One Million Total Real Estate Videos Watched

December 20, 2007

I thought that we would pass one million videos total real estate videos watched before the end of 2007 but we’ll just miss making the deadline.  The property video views for November dropped off towards the end of the month and we only ended with just above 60,000 videos watched for the month.  We’ve been between 75,000 videos views and 90,000 videos viewed each month since about August 2007 (over 80% of our total views since Spring 2007  have been property videos)

The views for December are already beginning to taper off as people begin to focus on the holidays.  I suspect that we’ll be 30,000 to 35,000 views shy of a million as the big ball begins to fall in Times Square.  No complaints.  It’s been a rocking year though…we continue to do a lot of private label video and services work, the version 1 infrastructure is just about complete and, if we can stay profitable as we have in a falling market, that can only bode well for whenever the market does spring back.

Since I am rambling on anyway, I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate the wellcomemat guys on the newest release of their flash video player and their upcoming real estate video widgets.



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