Growing Confidence In The Real Estate Video Conversion Beta

December 31, 2007

If you aren’t learning during a Web 2.0 beta, something in your system is likely not getting sufficient attention.

We’ve processed a non-trivial number of uploaded files at http://vidlisting.com/beta/fullpropertyservices.asp .  In total we have processed over 150 video files. We found and fixed 1 major issue right on the first day and numerous minor issues over the following week. We thought we were good…and then we found an internal timing issue that only manifested itself over a period of days and after a certain number of conversions.  That item was a tough one to track down and reproduce.   However, we now have a high enough level of confidence in our beta to actually be able to remove the beta tag within another week or so (assuming that no further issues are found). 

The timing issue also motivated us to add some bits of helpful functionality that we kept in the system. For example, the real estate video conversion nodeviewer page now has some additional fields that we used to debug the timing issue but actually provides helpful information:

Changes to:

Real time link: http://vidlisting.com/beta/fullpropertyservices.asp  

We added the time that the conversion started and the file size to the nodeviewer. This information will be available for viewing only while videos are converted. Each conversion takes a bit less than 1.5 minutes per MB of uploaded file. Knowing that, you can know when your conversion can be expected to end. We’ve also made a number of other upload form changes such as embedded transcripts and being able to add services such as professional narration and transcript generation during the actual upload. You can see a sample of how embedded transcripts work at on our Cheshire Manor property video from the Atlanta / Marietta, GA area  – just look for the [+/-] Transcript link right above the video narration languages towards the bottom of the page.

We’ll be announcing the business model around video conversion within the next week or so. Stay tuned!


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