Real Estate Video Producers Now Invited As Content Partners

January 5, 2008

We discussed a new feature over on our ActiveRain blog that will let real estate video content providers more easily share their content.  I’ll quote what I wrote over there and then expand on it a bit more here:

A Partner feature that lets customers watch content from other rich media content providers that want to partner with Vidlisting: We recognize that we are not the only content producers making quality rich media content for users. While at the NAR Annual Convention in Las Vegas, a surprising number of otherwise competing property video providers asked about how they could make their cntent available on our system.  We’ve just finished that functionality. Here are the high points for interested potential partners:

– Partner content stays where it is; no uploading to our system is required for partners 

– All partner content retains the original branding

– Partner content can be any online rich media format (videos or virtual tours) that does not require visitors to install any special plugin.

– Partner content will be searchable via a partner interface and customers can manage it within their own personal video catalog.  They can even make widgets or send it to friends just like any vidlisting video in their catalog.

– Partners can opt to syndicate video based content via our infrastructure

What Does This Mean? 

In short, if you produce property videos, you’ll be able to not only share and syndicate that content without further uploading but also take advantage of syndication mechanism that are proving to be far more effective than most for property videos. The ActiveRain also outlines a cornacopia of new ways to share rich media that simply doesn’t exist on other systems. The end result is that your customers will get more views for the content that you have produced for them.

Is This Different From A Channel?

It’s not only different but also far more effective.  A typical channel on a video upload site is just a parking space for your video content in case you choose not to cut and paste the video elsewhere. Prospective buyers seeking content like yours only have four means of actually discovering your property video:

1) go to the specific user’s channel on an upload site
2) encounter the video after its been cut and paste on someone else’s blog or website
3) input the correct keywords in a search engine and have it appear before the searcher stops paging through search results
4) find it as part of a online listing such as the MLS or other 3rd party listing site  

The chances of a visitor finding your video on a provider’s channel are about the same (if not worse) than finding it cut and pasted somewhere else. The number of video views is a great indicator that prospective buyers simply aren’t perusing the channels on video upload sites.

What’s Different With This Approach?

Our partner infrastructure can process content wherever it might be found. This processing includes geolocation worldwide.  There is no need to upload using our upload system and you dont even need to provide a feed if you dont wish to. Content will be made available as follows:

Personal Media Catalog: Users of our Personal Media Catalog can specify content preferences. As a ForSaleByLocals content partner, content that matches these preferences will be made available for viewing and further sharing with friends, etc. by the Personal Media Catalog user.

Associated Media Content Bar:  Every video in our sytem is geolocated. When a customer chooses to accept partner content, geolocated partner content closest to the video being played will be made available.

Video Search Results: When an visitor searches for video content within our system, partner content will also be displayed. 

Syndication To Real Estate Portals: Content producers can opt to have property videos that meet a simple set of criteria to be syndicated via our pre-negotiated agreements with real estate listing portals worldwide.

Note that partner content will be limited to property videos and real estate video interviews for the foreseeable future.  Partners will receive sizable discounts on real estate services such as professional narration, translated video narratives, and transcript generation that they can then resell to their customers.

How To Sign Up As A Content Partner

There will be three types of partner memberships: per video view, a monthly limited plan, and an annual site license. The fees are extremely modest and can be via premium pricing options to your customers. The benefits are substantial.

The participation costs for partners vary by plan, volume and volume:

– Per video fee is based literally on a few pennies per view….no views mean no costs to you.

– The limited monthly plan is ideal for smaller content producers that want a fixed price to budget with. This plan allows up to 50 videos per month for $75 each month. There is no per-view fee. However, videos selected for syndication with real estate portals will be assessed an additional small surcharge.

– The annual site license is an unlimited plan for larger content producers. This plan features reduced monthly costs based on volume.

Please contact me at tony@forsalebylocals.com if you are interested in participating as a content partner.



  1. I’ll be closely watching this medium in ’08. My team works mostly with buyers, but I had a professionally produced video done last year on Charlotte, (in my sidebar) and it has received great reviews, but, as your article suggests somewhat limited views. Terry McDonald

  2. Terry: You’d be welcome to give our system a try which is designed/built to get our video in front of prospective buyers and investors.


  3. […] NOTE: Real estate video producers interested in having their content made available via the “partner video” tab of the personal media catalog should also consider participating in our Real Estate Video Partner Program […]

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