Thoughts On Following The Inman Real Estate Connect Conference From Far Away

January 11, 2008

Wow, I had a great time at the Inman Real Estate Connect conference in New York City …but wait…I didnt even attend!  I was in South America that entire time. Thanks to technology, those that for whatever reason could not attend had a fairly responsive view into what was actually going on.

Twitter actually was a fairly effective tool for communicating. Several people on Twitter such as the Real Estate Zebra, Jeff Turner,  PhoenixREGuy, Jim Duncan, and Ben Martin twittered in shifts to communicate the high points or controversional points of what was being said and their opinions.  I liked that.  At least one question or comment was raised from a twitter based participant.

For me, Twitter by itself wasnt nearly as effective as the tools used to aggregrate “tweets” by using a combination of the #inman hash tag and a Yahoo Pipes site specifically designed to aggregarate the Inman Conference info put up by Andy Kaufman. This really demonstrated the power of immediate communication by crowds and had an immediacy not found by traditional live blogging. Amazing….need to note that for future real estate events.

If the hotel had better wifi, the Sellsius live video feed from the Inman Connect conference would have worked and I could have followed along during the day with only half the questions that I had. Although they didnt have the first live feed from a major real estate conference (the world’s largest real estate gathering, SIMA in Spain, had a number of live streaming feeds in May 2007), live feeds will definitely change the nature of conferences as we move along. I just wonder how long until conference organizers try to monetize the “official” live video feed.

Like many other real estate bloggers, as much as I would have liked to go, responsibilities to our customers kept me at work.  Real estate video work never ends you know. Thanks to everyone that took the time to remember the folks on the “home front”. Many more people also put in a lot of time of time to be sure  that the key messages of Inman Connect New York City were communicated quickly.  To all of these unsung heroes, a thousand thanks.



  1. Where in South America are you? I ask because I am heading to Argentina for 3 weeks on the 18th.

    I also enjoyed what I could follow of Inman remotely. I am surprised that Inman did not take the lead on sharing the conference. I find that odd.



  2. Bryant: We have our HD video studios and part of our software operation right in the heart of Santa Cruz, Bolivia (not outsourced – it is our own company with hand picked employees). If you ever are in the neighborhood, stop by!


  3. Tony, thanks for the ping, and I’m glad I could help you experience Inman from afar. I look forward to meeting you IRL sometime soon, but I’ll be getting to know you better by subbing to your blog today.

  4. Ben

    I get to Richmond/Charlottesville on a regular basis. We’ll chat next time I’m in time.


  5. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the mention. That was cool, wasn’t it? I had been tinkering around with yahoo pipes for a while, but this was the first time it finally clicked.

    I’m now subscribed to your site & look forward to meeting you in person sometime. You should try your best to make it up to ConnectSF this summer. We’ve got a couple of cool things in the works. In the meantime, I’ll see you around the RE.net.


  6. Andy

    Your Yahoo pipes work was a real value add to Twitter. My mind is spinning with ways how we can take advantage of a similar capability.

    Look for ward to meeting you too. Too much revenue producing work to do this past week to skate to NY. I will definitely be at Connect in SF.

    My thought for the day is that it would be great to have a spanish language panel about blogging in SF.


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