Now Available For Those That Make Real Estate Videos And Want Them Watched

January 19, 2008

Our sites have just recently had the one millionth real estate video watched on our system (over 80% are property videos). Many of you that make your own videos have indicated that you would like to be included in the special magic that we provide on Vidlisting.com.

Help is on the way.  We’ve just finished putting together our business model for real estate video content producers that want to participate in our new Club Real Estate Video.  There are an assortment of levels for participation depending on the needs, desire, and budget of the member. 

Just to be clear, the below descriptions for membership levels for Club Real Estate Video are applicable to user submitted videos only – luxury, flat rate, and performance based pricing packages are available separately if you need a professional to film your property.  

Detailed description of the Club Real Estate Video membership levels are as follows:

Free Membership Level:  The Free membership level to available to anyone that registers.  Free members are able to upload and convert unlimited video.  Free members have use of the exclusive personal media catalog and can make individual widgets for videos or group widgets of up to 5 videos that can be cut and pasted into their blog or website.  They also can request that specific videos be included on the vidlisting.com family of websites or have video services provided as part of an upload for an additional per-video fee.  Free members will also have a two week trial to use the full social media functionality included with the Personal Media Catalog.  After that trial period, they will only be able to receive friend requests and media from other members via the unique social functionality built into the personal media catalog.

Lenscap Membership Level ($150/year): The lenscap membership is geared to videographers, builders, or agents that anticipate producing a few property videos each month.  Lenscap members will receive everything that free members receive plus the following:

     – Ability to request syndicated videos to real estate listing sites with which Vidlisting has distribution agreements
     – Inclusion of automatic conversion to a downloadable MP4 format 
     – Ability to cut and paste transcripts with every video as part of the video upload process (SEO benefits when search engines index your transcript as well)
     – Uploaded videos will be viewable via the iPhone browser
     – Unlimited use of all of the social functionality in the Personal Media Catalog
     – All uploaded videos can be included in a special user submitted section of vidlisting.com at no additional cost
     – 15% discount on all real estate video services including narration and editing

Premium Membership Level ($399/year):  The premium membership is geared to professionals doing significant real estate video work or sales organizations that want maximum visibility for their video content.  Premium members receive all of the benefits of the Lenscap membership level plus the following:

     – 432 annual video minutes of included professional narration services in 3 languages (144 minutes each language – will be expended in parallel)
     – Distribution of approved property videos to real estate listing sites with no additional costs (videos must meet criteria specified by distribution partner) 
     – Video landing page for all videos on your own website with same look/feel as your website
     – 25% discount on all real estate video services including narration and editing
     – 50% discount on a custom animated logo that can be added to the end of your video conversions

We are currently in beta and you can test the functionality at http://vidlisting.com/beta/betaupload_english.asp.  During the beta period, all functionality is free and does not require registration.

We anticipate ending the beta period on 31 January 2008.  Readers of this blog located in the United States can receive a special blog only 33% pre-availability discount by ordering any paid membership prior to 1 February 2008 launch by emailing sales@vidlisting.com and mentioning this offer. We’ll process your order via the phone as this offer will not be available on the website.  You can also follow me on Twitter ( @Vidlisting).

NOTE: Real estate video producers interested in having their content made available via the “partner video” tab of the personal media catalog should also consider participating in our Real Estate Video Partner Program



    Dear Client,

    I invite you to please visit my website, http://www.adambehr.com so you can hear my samples, especially under trailer,commercial,narration,animation and you can hear either my US,International accent, Mid-Atlantic, British or many others. I work in 15 or more dialects and can do the real estate tour narrations in any one of these according to the clients preference.

    I do a lot of international work and my voice is perfect for the kind of material you describe.
    I can deliver the voiceover for your project from my home protools studio in any format necessary (wav,mp3, aiff,etc), with no studio fees.

    I am usually able to have a 2-24 hour turnaround for most jobs. ISDN is affordable and within easy reach, but these days I mostly use Source-connect as the minutes are free for all users.
    My rates are reasonable, flexible and I always try to fit in with my client’s budget. Paypal is preferred .
    I look forward to hearing from you .

    best wishes, Adam Behr (604) 218-6049

  2. I was going to delete the above comment spamming for voiceover business but I’ll leave it in for those that want to price compare. Please note that 144 minutes of professional narration/voiceover in three languages is included in the pricing for our premium package (thats 432 total voiceover minutes).

  3. Nice service. I first read about it today on ActiveRain blogs.

    Plays back just fine with almost no buffering ( im on a 512mbps connection from Dubai, UAE)

    Just a couple of observations if you like:
    – The videos are encoded very intelligently – i.e I can see that just a hint of pixelating, but yet they manage to play smooth
    – Maybe using fades between scenes is not a good idea, as there’s artefacts showing up during the transition

    – Some interlace artefacts are visible, should be de interlaced before encoding.

    I supposed this should be advice for the end clients and not the service itself.

    Wish you every success!

  4. clyde

    Thanks for the gret feedback. It’s nice to see international folks hanging out on AR. Large, non bufferng video is one of our original design criteria for our infrastructure.

    Best of luck to you too and thanks for stopping by.

  5. I took a look at the videos on the side panel and was curious if they were professionally done or if the Realtor downloaded her own files?

    They seem quite nice and very impressive.

  6. Sacramento Real Estate: The videos in the sidebar are professionally done and update “automagically” from our website. We are just starting to open up our platform to outside videographers. Thank you so much for the kind words.

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