Clarifying Our Real Estate Video Story And Branding Strategy

February 3, 2008

We have a number of issues related to our real estate video branding strategy that may be a bit confusing for our customers.  We are also working on straightening the story out with respect to professional real estate video, uploading your own videos, and working with real estate video partners to syndicate their video content as well.

A first step is to consolidate and build our online Vidlisting brand. A good first step was adding the header information about vidlisting professional filming and the real estate video upload capability onto the http://vidlisting.com home page.  We’ve followed that with our recent purchase of http://realestatevideo.net as a redirect to vidlisting.com.  We have a number of other visible and not-so-visible changes with respect to real estate video ahead.

Vidlisting.com has remained profitable each month since July 2007 and surpassed one million total real estate videos watched on our system. I’m humbled by the response that we have received to our real estate video platform. Now that the full version 1 real estate video platform is complete, we can better communicate what we are doing, break through the limitations of “cut and paste” video mentality, and also have customers and organizations actually try out real estate video functionality that simply does not exist elsewhere. 

The key for us and for you is to  break out from the limitations of the flash video player.  there is so much more that can be done with real estate video…and vidlisting.com continues to lead the way. Thanks for riding along with us on this incredible journey.

One comment

  1. I was intigued with your comment about the limitations of flash video player compared to your platform. Could you elaborate the advantages your’s has over that?

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